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12 Most Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Dresses

Updated: Mar 12

Top 12 question's asked by bride's to be when searching for their dream dress!

Charlotte wedding dress by Ansune Bridal Boutique located in Melbourne Australia

1. When Should I Start to Look for a Wedding Dress?

Unveiling the Bridal Secrets: When to Start Your Dress Hunt!

Dreaming of the perfect wedding gown but unsure when to start the search? Ansune Bridal recommends diving into this magical quest ideally 1 year or 10 months before your big day. Why, you ask? This precious timeframe allows you to savor the experience, trying on a variety of styles without the pressure of time. We understand that finding the dress of your dreams is a journey, not a sprint.

2. What If I'm Low On Time ?

Bridal Time Crunch? Ansune Bridal Has Your Back! ⏰

Caught in the whirlwind of wedding preparations and running short on time for the perfect gown? Ansune Bridal has a solution! Our expert team can explore the possibility of express shipping to trim down the waiting time. If that's not feasible, worry not! 90% of our exquisite gowns are available for immediate purchase off the floor. We're here to guide you through every option, ensuring you find the dress that not only fits your timeline but also fulfills your dreams. Your journey to bridal perfection starts here at Ansune Bridal, where time is never an obstacle.

Sabrina wedding dress by modeca stocked at Ansune Bridal Boutique located in Melbourne

3. How Long is the Dress Ordering Time?

Ansune Bridal: Where Dreams Are Swiftly Stitched

Curious about the time it takes to order your dream dress at Ansune Bridal? We're here to make your dreams come true with a seamless process!

Ansune Bridal Designs: Our in-house Ansune Bridal designs take just 5 months to order, excluding alterations. Your bespoke gown will be crafted with care, ensuring a perfect fit for your special day.

Other Beloved Brands: For our curated brands like Modeca, Le Papillon, and Curves by Modeca, the journey takes a bit longer, ranging from 6 to 8 months, excluding alterations.

At Ansune Bridal, we're committed to delivering not just a dress but an experience that's as timely as it is enchanting. Your journey to bridal perfection begins here!

4. What Should I Bring ?

Your Ansune Bridal Appointment Essentials!

Planning your visit to Ansune Bridal and wondering what to bring? We've got your checklist covered to ensure you make the most of your appointment.

1. Undergarments for a Seamless Fit: To achieve the perfect fit, bring nude or white underwear that complements your wedding dress style. If you have specific shapewear in mind for your big day, feel free to bring it along to see how it enhances the overall look.

2. Elevate Your Look with a Strapless Bra: Opt for a nude or white strapless bra to complement the elegance of our gowns. While all our dresses come with built-in bra cups, having your strapless bra gives you the choice to customize your comfort. For that seamless fit look you wont need one, its a personal comfort choice for your wedding dress shopping experience.

At Ansune Bridal, we believe in making every detail of your appointment delightful and stress-free. Come prepared, and let's create bridal magic together!

Bride holding wedding shoes background image

5. What Is Your Price Range?

Discover Affordable Elegance: Ansuné Bridal Price Range

Curious about the price range at Ansuné Bridal? We believe every bride deserves to find their dream gown without breaking the bank. Our general price range is between $1200 to $5000, with the majority of our stunning gowns gracefully priced around $2500.

At Ansuné Bridal, we take pride in offering affordable options without compromising on the magic and elegance of your bridal attire. Your dream gown awaits in a price range that suits your style and budget. Let's make your bridal vision come true without the hefty price tag!

6. What Size Range Do You Have?

Celebrate Every Size: Ansuné Bridal's Inclusive Size Range

Wondering about the sizes available at Ansuné Bridal? We're proud to celebrate the beauty of every bride with our diverse size range, spanning from 6 to 30. Embrace the enchantment of finding your dream gown, as we curate a stunning collection that includes a beautiful plus-size range in various styles

7. How Does Wedding Dress Sizing Work?

Decoding Bridal Sizing: A Unique Ansuné Bridal Experience

Curious about how bridal sizing works? It's a different ballgame than typical street wear sizing! While you might find yourself in a size 14-16 on the streets, in the bridal realm, you're likely to embrace a beautiful 16-18. But here's the secret: at Ansuné, we believe sizing is just a number, and every bride is uniquely stunning, no matter the digits.

Step into our store, and you'll experience the magic firsthand. We encourage trying on a range of dresses, even if they're slightly too small or big. Our expert team will skillfully clip you in just right, allowing you to see the full picture. When you've discovered that perfect dress, we'll take your measurements and order the gown in the right size, ensuring a flawless fit for your special day. At Ansuné Bridal, your unique beauty is our sizing guide!

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8. Do I Need To Book An Appointment?

Your Ansune Bridal Appointment Guide: Seamlessly Into Bridal Elegance

Contemplating whether to schedule an appointment with Ansune Bridal? The choice is yours! While we recommend appointments for an intimate and personalized experience, we're also open to spontaneous visits. Yes, we operate by appointment, but if you're in the neighborhood, walk-ins are welcome based on availability. Give us a call, and we'll do our best to make your bridal dreams come true, whether it's a carefully planned moment or a delightful surprise. At Ansune Bridal, it's all about making your journey uniquely yours.

9.How Long Do Alterations Take?

Seamless Perfection: Alterations Timeline

Curious about alteration time, don't worry we've got the timeline guide for you!

At Ansune Bridal we dont do alterations but we have amazing recommendations for where to take your stunning wedding gown.

Alteration Timeframe: Allocate a window of 6 - 8 weeks for your alterations. This ensures a meticulous and stress-free process, leaving you with a gown that fits like a dream on your special day.

👰 Fitting Perfection: As your wedding approaches, indulge in 2 - 3 fittings to fine-tune every detail. Our expert team at Ansune Bridal is dedicated to ensuring your gown fits you flawlessly, so you can walk down the aisle with confidence and grace.

10. Are Alterations Included?

Ansune Bridal Clarity: Alterations Unveiled

📍 Alterations Clarity: While alterations are not included in the initial gown purchase, rest assured that our dresses are priced with this in mind. We want to make your entire bridal experience seamless and stress-free.

🧵 Expert Seamstress Recommendations: We understand the importance of perfecting your gown, and that's why we have a list of trusted seamstresses from around the area. Feel free to ask for recommendations, ensuring your alterations are in skilled hands.

wedding dress and cape background image

11. Can I Customize My Dress?

Tailored Elegance: Your Customization Journey at Ansune Bridal

Dreaming of a gown that reflects your unique style? At Ansune Bridal, we say, "Yes, you can!"

👰 Your Vision, Our Expertise: We believe in making your wedding dress truly yours. Our in-house designer is ready to bring your dreams to life, whether it's small adjustments or significant changes. Your gown, your way.

🎨 Sketching Your Desires: Throughout the process, we'll collaborate closely, sketching out the customizations you desire. Every detail matters, and we're here to make sure your vision is beautifully translated into your dream gown.

💬 Transparent and Personalized Quotes: Rest assured, we'll provide you with detailed quotes for any additional charges that may apply. Transparency is key in creating a gown that not only fits you perfectly but also aligns with your budget.

Your journey to a customized masterpiece begins at Ansune Bridal. Let's create a gown that tells your unique love story!

12. How Much Would a Wedding Dress Deposit Be?

Ansune Bridal Deposits: Securing Your Bridal Elegance

Wondering about the deposit for your dream gown at Ansune Bridal? Let's unravel the details!

💰 Deposit Breakdown: A typical deposit is set at 60% of the dress's total cost, including any accessories ordered with it. This initial payment secures your order and ensures your dream gown is reserved just for you.

Minimum Deposit Requirement: While we can accept a 40% deposit, it's important to note that the dress order will be placed once we reach the 60% mark. This ensures a seamless process in crafting your perfect gown.

At Ansune Bridal, we're dedicated to making every step of your bridal journey smooth and enjoyable. Secure your dream gown with a deposit that fits your preferences, and let the countdown to your wedding day bliss begin!

Embark on Your Bridal Dream Today at Ansune Bridal! ✨💖

Ready to begin your enchanting wedding dress journey? Book your appointment today at Ansune Bridal and step into a world where dreams come to life!

👰 Your Personalized Experience Awaits: From exploring our stunning gown collection to discussing customization options, our expert team is here to make your bridal vision a reality.

📅 Schedule Your Appointment: Secure your spot for an unforgettable bridal experience. Call us at

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