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Founded 2022, Ansuné Bridal was inspired to make women feel beautiful on their special day .

We aspire to help make a bride's vision come together.  With styling and experience we will be there to help guide you through the journey and make it an experience to remember. If you're interested in customising your dream dress to match your unique vision, we offer personalized dress customisation services

We offer an unique couture collection of gowns which includes Le Papillon,  Modeca & Ansuné Bridal.


Ansuné Bridal was born from a simple dream.  We present a family-owned business that prides itself in offering a range of bridal gowns for each size and shape.  We believe that a vast majority of the brides have unique shapes, therefore we believe every bride should feel comfortable and look beautiful on their special day. 


We strive to give our brides a memorable experience and the chance to find their dream dress.



Un - sa - nay 


Ansuné was born in South Africa and immigrated with her family to New Zealand when she was 4 years old. 

Through high school fashion became an interest. From designing came the curiosity to know how the final piece would be constructed.


 Ansuné decided to study Fashion Design and completed her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion. 


After work experience in the UK within the bridal industry, she moved to Melbourne to further her career.  Following some time in Melbourne the opportunity presented itself to create Ansuné Bridal. 

With designing always being a future dream it was time to make it a reality.

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